5 Great Photographers Shooting Strobist Style to Inspire You

Strobist lighting refers to using off-camera flash and isn’t usually known for using LEDs.

Ask any photographer that has worked in the past 10 years, and they’ll tell you about their strobist experiences. It all stemmed from David Hobby’s popular website. Then it became a huge deal on Flickr. Then on Instagram and YouTube. Some folks will tell you that you can do it all with LEDs and Photoshop. But honestly, that’s not true. A flash acts with a camera’s shutter speed and the laws of physics to actually shoot photos differently. They give you an extra pop that you really just can’t get with LED lights. And why would you bother spending extra time in Lightroom or Photoshop if you got it perfectly in-camera? We talked to a bunch of strobist photographers over the years. Here are a few of our favorite stories.

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This Image was Created With Strategically Placed Monolights

DSC_0181 as Smart Object-1

Image by Jaanus Ree. Used with permission. 

Red Bull Illume Photographer Jaanus Ree has already proven that he can create incredible photos of athletes done in extreme situations. This time, he’s back and showing off a new shoot that, well, saying that there was a lot of effort put into it doesn’t begin to do justice to just how much work was done.

Jaanus used a bulldozer to move loads of snow to create a pipe/ramp for a snowboarder to leap off of. But he was very specific about his lighting. Done in what seems to be a lot for trailers or busses, he placed Elinchrom lights into each of them and lights that will illuminate the athlete. Then he shot and triggered all of the lights to go off at once.

The glass windows are frosted and so they provide a natural diffusion and just enough kick to make the image look different.

The video on how this was done is after the jump; it’s well worth the watch.

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Red Bull Illume Photographer Jaanus Ree on Photographing Windsurfers

DSC_3012 as Smart Object-1

All images by Jaanus Ree. Used with permission. 

Photographer Jaanus Ree is a Red Bull Illume photographer that recently finished quite an extreme and technically challenging project. Jaanus, who has always been into windsurfing and photography, wanted to capture windsurfers performing against a beautiful city backdrop and a really beautiful sky. In and of itself, any photographer that has done both sports and landscape work knows that that’s a very big technical challenge.

So his answer was to use flashes. But then that brings about even bigger technical problems that you need to solve.

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