PhotoJoJo Releases New Iris Lenses for the iPhone


Editor’s Note: it also works for the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6.

For quite a while, if anyone really wanted compact and really good quality interchangeable lens converters for their phone, you had to use the offerings from Moment. But today, Photojojo is trying to challenge that with the release of their new Iris lenses. The company is announcing a wide angle, fisheye and a macro lens which all mount to your iphone using what seems like a glorified hair tie.

Hair accessory aside, the lenses have an aluminum build to them and actually use glass elements. That means that they’re bound to have better image quality than alternative with a plastic element. Each lens also has its own cushioned lens cap/case. Additionally, the case can be left on and always holds the mount for you so you can put the lenses in quicker. It’s not as straightforward or as low profile as the Moment solution (which uses a small plate).

PhotoJoJo will be sending them my way to test, and believe it or not, I’m really eager to try something new. Would I use them for serious work? If the iPhone can be used for serious work and photographers can make a living off of Instagram, then of course they can.

More images are after the jump.

PM_PJ_IRIS_1st run_Medium_05

PM_PJ_IRIS_1st run_Medium_03

PM_PJ_IRIS_1st run_Medium_02

PM_PJ_IRIS_1st run_Medium_01


PM_PJ_IRIS_1st run_Medium_04

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