Reports Hint at Upcoming Lenses for the Sony FE Mount

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Zeiss 85mm f1.8 Batis first impressions product photos (2 of 6)ISO 4001-180 sec at f - 4.0

The Sony FE mount has been growing in popularity since its introduction, and there seems to be no slowdown in lens offerings that will hit the market. At least, that’s what we’re getting word of from Sony Alpha Rumors and Mirrorless Rumors. According to reports the sites published over the past couple of days, the new lenses will be coming from both Sony and Zeiss–which have been the leading manufacturers of Sony lenses to begin with.

However, in the coming future it seems like we should be seeing lots of the gaps in the system filled in.

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Zeiss 85mm f1.8 review product extras (1 of 6)ISO 4001-180 sec at f - 2.8

Mirrorless Rumors found an interview with Zeiss at ILoveHatePhoto, and the company confirms that they’re working on more lenses, but that they’re not ready to talk about them yet. In fact, the Batis collection is specifically cited as seeing growth in the future, plus we may be seeing more Touit lenses. However, it very much seems like the emphasis is on the full frame lens lineup. Interestingly enough though, the Loxia lineup hasn’t been mentioned.

From Sony, there is apparently a chance that we’ll be seeing more f2.8 zoom lenses according to Sony Alpha Rumors. This means that instead of us just having the 24-70mm f4 and 70-200mm f4, we’re going to be seeing f2.8 versions of the lenses too in the future. If anything of this is true at all, I really hope that the lenses aren’t DSLR lens sized.

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Sony A7s Mk II extra product images (2 of 4)ISO 8001-160 sec at f - 11

Considering all of this, expect Zeiss to deliver more prime lenses–which is what they’ve traditionally always been great at.

In the most recent times Sony, Zeiss and Sigma have been dominating the charts on DxOMark, and all of this really makes me wonder where Sigma’s offerings are for the Sony FE and E mount are.

Considering that next year is a Photokina year, we’re bound to see lots of new stuff.

Chris Gampat

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