Snapseed Now Allows for RAW Photo Editing


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For a while, the only mobile device app of any sort that could edit RAW images was Adobe Lightroom Mobile–and even then it could only edit RAW DNG files while other files synced from Lightroom desktop were really only the smart previews. But Google recently announced that Snapseed can now edit RAW files–and like Adobe, that RAW editing ability is being confined to only DNG RAW files for the moment.

Big news, right? Cool news, right?

Here’s the problem.

At this current point in the technology world, no smartphone is really ready for RAW image processing. Smartphones and tablets do so many tasks and aren’t really designed to do things that are anywhere as processor heavy as editing RAW images; or at least lots of them. Try it out for a while, you’ll eventually end up with so many files and so little mobile phone space.

With Android phones, you’re also bound to run out of space on your phone for you to be able to hold all those RAW files.

We checked the Apple App store, and it doesn’t seem to have come to us that pay tribute to our overlord Tim Cook. However, it’s available for Android devices.



Chris Gampat

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