The Bay Tree Project Photo Book Shares The Story of Rescue Dogs


All images by Stuart Holroyd. Used with permission.

The Bay Tree project has gotten photographer Stuart Holroyd quite a bit of press on the internet, and it’s all about the dogs. Stuart takes photos of dogs in an effort to get them adopted after a personal and life changing experience that made him use photography to make a difference.

It started when a woman (Kayte) in Cyprus (where he lives) started to adopt stray dogs. She loves so many of them and tried to take care of them all but she was under lots of stress financially. Seeing this happen, Stuart decided to help by using his photography and taking compelling images of the dogs in an effort to get them adopted. Each dog has their own story;

To further aid the project, Stuart and the Bay Tree project have put out a book featuring these dogs and a story about each of them.

If you’re a dog lover, then you’ll want to check this one out.

Phoblographer: The Bay Tree project was all about helping dogs get adopted and also helping this lady who tried to help these days. But talk to us about how the book helps to further the projects goals.

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Stuart: Actually the goals changed quite a bit after we went viral, it was initially to help Kayte. But we realised once it went the world over that we were bringing attention to stray dogs by showing them in a different light and it really worked, I have had offers the world over to help with other projects that need the same kind of fresh outlook and although I haven’t been able to accept the offers I have been told that they have bought on other creatives to do a similar thing for their dogs and animals. To me that is something that is amazing because hopefully it will one day change the way we view our strays everywhere and they do say imitation is the greatest form of flattery (might want to check if that saying is right, I forget the exact wording)

Phoblographer: So besides being a coffee table book, why should someone purchase one?


Stuart: Well other than the great life stories of each our dogs, you also get the comfort of knowing that every single penny goes straight to Kayte (the lady who adopted the dogs) to help feed and rehome other dogs. NO directors or intermediaries….just monies straight to Bay Tree Rescue.

Phoblographer: Which dog’s story do you feel is the one that tugs at the heart the most? Why is that?

Stuart: I love them all, every dog’s story has been touching but my favourite is definitely Millys (the mermaid). I don’t ant to give too much away but after everything she has been through she is still the happiest pup I have ever known.

Phoblographer: What will dog lovers get out of it?

Stuart: I’m hoping they will get to see the other side of our stray dogs, I know that a lot of dog lovers are on board with us but this selection of 10 has the ability to really show the ones who haven’t seen them yet, the real personalities of a rescue dog, the lives, past and present really open you up to a different world.








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