No Mother, No Child Project to Photograph Colombian Mothers Whose Children Were Adopted Abroad

Image by Jennifer Dallmann via No Mother, No Child Project on Kickstarter

One of the powers of photography is telling the compelling stories of people from all backgrounds, from everywhere across the globe. For her brave photography project, Cologne-based Jennifer Dallmann will be travelling to Colombia to tell the stories of mothers whose children were adopted and whisked away to other countries.

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The Bay Tree Project Photo Book Shares The Story of Rescue Dogs


All images by Stuart Holroyd. Used with permission.

The Bay Tree project has gotten photographer Stuart Holroyd quite a bit of press on the internet, and it’s all about the dogs. Stuart takes photos of dogs in an effort to get them adopted after a personal and life changing experience that made him use photography to make a difference.

It started when a woman (Kayte) in Cyprus (where he lives) started to adopt stray dogs. She loves so many of them and tried to take care of them all but she was under lots of stress financially. Seeing this happen, Stuart decided to help by using his photography and taking compelling images of the dogs in an effort to get them adopted. Each dog has their own story;

To further aid the project, Stuart and the Bay Tree project have put out a book featuring these dogs and a story about each of them.

If you’re a dog lover, then you’ll want to check this one out.

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Using Photography in an Effort To Get Dogs Adopted


All images by Stuart Holroyd. Used with permission.

Back in August, photographer Stuart Holroyd reached out to us to share the Bay Tree Project–a photography initiative aimed at getting shelter dogs adopted. Stuart, like many of us, has a love of the furry canines and wants to help them. Shelter dogs are a difficult subject because what happens to many dogs is very depressing. And that’s where Stuart wanted to use his photography skills to help many of the wonderful pooches get the homes that they deserve.

Stuart learned a lot along the way–and we talked to him about what it’s like to coordinate a giant project like this, believing in yourself, and accomplishing goals.

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Stuart Holroyd’s Images of Dogs Are in an Effort to Get Them Adopted


All images by Stuart Holroyd. Used with permission

Photographer Stuart Holroyd is a 34 year old British photographer currently based in Cyprus. He’s on a mission to help some pooches–but we’re talking about a whole lot of them. Mr. Holroyd’s work started off very bizarre and gothic according to him, but one wouldn’t think that it would evolve into beautiful portraits of dogs. After a very personal and life changing experience, Stuart decided to dedicate his photography to helping others.

That’s how to Bay Tree Project was started. According to Stuart, it was “an idea I came up with to try and help Bay Tree Rescue centre in Larnaca, Cyprus. Over here there are no animal cruelty laws so unfortunately you will find hurt animals almost everywhere you go.”

To help the dogs, an elderly woman by the name of Kayte who lives in a hut at the bottom of the rescue center with no electricity has chosen to aid some of the dogs–sometimes even putting their health before her own. As a result, Kayte is fostering over 70 dogs on donations from her friends and her UK pension.

The images after the jump are part of those that will be in an exhibit in February. “We will auction off original signed work for each of these images, and the event will be a worldwide auction with online and telephone bidding allowed so we can increase exposure and hopefully raise more money.” says Stuart.

Stuart’s images profile the dogs in a beautiful fashion against an equally dreamy background. And any dog lover really can’t resist.

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