No Mother, No Child Project to Photograph Colombian Mothers Whose Children Were Adopted Abroad

Image by Jennifer Dallmann via No Mother, No Child Project on Kickstarter

One of the powers of photography is telling the compelling stories of people from all backgrounds, from everywhere across the globe. For her brave photography project, Cologne-based Jennifer Dallmann will be travelling to Colombia to tell the stories of mothers whose children were adopted and whisked away to other countries.

Turning to Kickstarter for funding, Jennifer’s goal for her No Mother, No Child project is to make these mothers of Colombia visible “through mixed visual media and pop up exhibitions at locations where the adoptees and their families live now, starting in June with Cologne.” With the project successfully funded, Jennifer will fly to Medellín, Colombia in November 2017 to contact 20 birth mothers who have forfeited their children for adoption.

No Mother, No Child is a photography project close to Jennifer’s heart as an adoptee born in Medellín and adopted from Colombia in the early 1990s. Apart from photography, she is also a student of Sustainability and Design and an Ambassador for International Adoptees. She has devoted parts of her work in the last years to international and interracial adoption.



Therefore, there’s no better place to begin telling the story of these mothers between the age of 40 and 60, who lived most of their lives without their children. By taking their portraits, Jennifer believes these mothers will be accessible and present in the lives of the adoptees and their adoptive families.

“I hope to be welcomed and befriended by these women, to learn and understand why the adoption took place and how they are living now years later,” she mentions on her campaign page. “These women are more than a footnote about the beginning of the Colombian adoptees’ life. These women are real humans with their own individual stories.”

The Kickstarter funding period is now over, but you can still head over to the campaign page to learn more and send your donation for the No Mother, No Child Project.