5 Cameras for the New Parent

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“Hey Chris, we were thinking about buying a DSLR.”

“What? Why? No, oh god, why?!”

When it comes to answering the camera-related questions of people who are soon to have children, this is usually how the conversation starts. When someone wants to buy a brand new camera, it’s for a good reason like the fact that they’re having a new kid. But there are parameters in place: it needs to be simple to use, it needs to have professional image quality, and it can’t be too expensive. Typical, right?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that many of us photographers have known for a couple of years now: you don’t need an interchangeable lens camera like a DSLR for professional looking images.

No, really, you don’t. What makes the images so great are the combination of the sensor and the lens, but there are fixed lens cameras that can do the same job of many of those cameras in an even more affordable package and smaller. Of course though, there are also a couple of DSLRs and mirrorless cameras that do a great job.

Here are five of our favorite cameras for the new parent.

Nikon D5500

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We’re recommending the Nikon D5500 because of its small size, fast 5 fps shooting, great grip to ensure that the camera doesn’t get knocked out of your hand, WiFi connectivity features, touch screen, and the autofocus that is bound to lock onto your fast moving kid.

Pair it with a couple of zoom lenses or nice prime lenses and you won’t have a problem for years to come.

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Olympus OMD EM10

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Take the best of some of Olympus’s higher end OMD cameras and some of the higher end Pen cameras and you’ll find yourself with the OMD EM10. It isn’t weather sealed, but it has fast focusing abilities, WiFi connectivity, a small timelapse mode, and most importantly access to Olympus’s great prime lenses.

In our review, we state:

“…we can totally conclude that there is very little reason for anyone trying to get into the mirrorless world to not get the OMD EM10. It’s an excellent camera with kick ass image quality. If you need weather sealing though, then you’ll want to consider other options that are higher up in the line.”

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Sony A5100

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Sony’s A5100 is the smallest interchangeable lens camera on this list. With a giant touch screen designed for taking selfies with you and the newborn, it also sports WiFi connectivity, the best in class autofocusing, and an affordable price tag. One of the best things about Sony cameras is how easy they are for completely new people to learn them.

In our review, we state:

“Even without considering the Sony A5100 very affordable price, it’s an incredibly well performing camera wrapped into a tiny package. It’s even smaller than a compact Micro Four Thirds camera like the Olympus E-P5. Yet despite the camera’s diminutive size, the A5100 is one of Sony’s best cameras yet thanks to the APS-C sized sensor and autofocus system it has inherited from the Sony A6000.”

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Fujifilm X30


Looking for something a bit more advanced? The Fujifilm X30 packs a good sized sensor into a small body with very versatile zoom range. It’s small enough to fit in a jacket pocket and takes some of the best photos that we’ve seen from a point and shoot. With Wifi connectivity, a sharp lens, and lots of manual controls you can’t go wrong with this little camera.

In our review, we state:

“Beyond the dynamic range, we really like the fact that the colors versatility is pretty flexible. But we also have to admit that the images take more work from the user to get them just right. Shifting the color balance sliders around may give you results close to what you want, but what you’ll find yourself doing is trying to work with individual color levels to get the exact look that you want. Because of this, we can say that the color depth is surely versatile, but that you’ll also be working with the images a lot. Again though, we used Fujifilm’s software for this.”

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Canon G1X Mk II

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Canon G1x product images (7 of 7)ISO 4001-50 sec at f - 4.0

We don’t know exactly what Canon did with the sensor in the G1x Mk II, but it renders some of the best colors that we’ve ever seen come from a camera. It’s a bit bulky, but captures great images, has WiFi connectivity, a sharp lens, a touch screen, and image quality that you’ll be very pleased with.

Did we mention those colors?

In our review, we state:

“There is a lot to love about Canon’s new G1X Mk II: the image quality, the great punch it gives for a small package, the dials, the buttons, the LCD screen, the feel. Honestly, we’re very smitten with this camera. In fact, as a Canon customer for many years, it gives me faith again that the company may return to try to innovate again like they did years ago.”

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