How to Shoot Product Photos With One Light

Screenshot taken from the video

Screenshot taken from the video

Dan over at Adorama Pro has come up with one of the coolest and smartest ways to shoot product photos on seamless white. He effectively shows you that by positioning one light correctly, using a lot of power output and adding a large diffuser you can get an image like the one above.

In the video after the jump, he takes you through the setup. He positions the light back towards the white seamless background to illuminate both that and the large diffuser that he places over the sunglasses. This is important because it means that this single, high powered light source is illuminating the background and the large diffuser to give us the image that we see above. It’s possible to do something similar at home, but you’d need to crank up the ISO setting to at least ISO 400 and you’d need a large diffuser like a shoot through reflector.

We’ve done something similar as much more scaled back, but Dan’s way of doing things is a lot better. Adorama’s video is after the jump.

Chris Gampat

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