The Nissin Di700A Air Flash Is Radio Controlled for Canon, Nikon and Sony



Nissin recently announced a brand new radio-capable flash, the Nissin Di700A Air Flash requires you to use the company’s new Air 1 commander to trigger it and transmit instructions from the commander to the flash. The units are part of what Nissin is calling the Nissin Air System, and they claim that this system works from up to 98 feet away on eight different radio channels.

The Air 1 controls three different groups (A, B, C) and multiple flashes can be in each group to be controlled via TTL or manually.

The units will launch in March, and will be available for Canon and Nikon to start. The company promises that a Sony version is coming this summer. The Nissin Di700A will cost $259 while the Air 1 Commander for Canon Nikon and Sony will be $79. Want the kit? Di700A Air and Air 1 Commander combo will run you $299.

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Di700A_BR_LL Air1_L

Chris Gampat

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