This is How Light Can Change the Way a Subject Looks

Model: Bec Fordyce

Model: Bec Fordyce

When you move the light in a scene, the look and feel of it can totally change. But since most people are visual thinkers these days, it’s tough for them to envision how shadows may change a scene or more importantly how it makes a person look.

A user on Sub-Reddit R/Filmmakers recently shared a gif showing how light can change the way that a person looks. It’s a rather simple test and shows the light above the person, to the side, and below them. The problem is that while it does this, it still doesn’t offer full solutions for lighting problems.

Quite obviously, the light on the person is most flattering when it’s above the subject but it creates shadows that are otherwise seen as not flattering. The way to eliminate these is to use a reflector to bring fill light back in or add another light that isn’t as strong. This is what’s known as a fill in lighting.

The video is after the jump.

Chris Gampat

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