The Video Shows the Difference That a Reflector Can Make

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It can be argued that photographic reflectors are the most overlooked items that any photographer can use. More often than not, many tend to reach for umbrellas, softboxes, etc. But photographer Matt Granger created a video a while back about about how to use a reflector without an assistant. But what it does more so is teach many folks about why you need a reflector to begin with. The simple reason is because you need to fill in shadows. But the more complicated reason has to do with filling in shadows while maintaining an exposure on your camera for the highlights–which essentially means that your shadows will be very deep.

You’ll have to accept that there is nothing you can do about that in some areas of the image–but if you’re shooting a portrait then you need to evenly illuminate the face if your creative vision calls for it.

Granger’s video demonstrates this very well. Take a look after the jump.

Chris Gampat

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