High Speed Sync on the Profoto B1 Can be Pretty Amazing

Screenshot taken from the video

Screenshot taken from the video

High speed sync is really, really amazing. It’s something that you can do with speedlights, and now it’s also possible with monolights: specifically with the Profoto B1 AirTTL–which received an Editor’s Choice award from us.

In one of their latest blog posts, they feature photographer Little Shao, who used the feature down in Cuba and Trinidad. High speed sync enables your camera to do a sort of overclocking–basically it lets you shoot at a faster shutter speed than is normally possible due to the way that focal plane shutters work. What enables you to do is kill more ambient lighting in your image. For years though, many photographers using a monolight would need to use an ND filter.

The video featuring Little Shao is truly inspiring not necessarily for the product (which is super cool) but for the beautiful work that he does. Check it out after the jump. But also be sure to check out our guide to overpowering the sun.

Chris Gampat

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