Making Your Own DIY Beauty Dish

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Photographer Todd Owyoung specializes in photographing bands and musicians and has for many years now. One of his favorite light modifiers if the beauty dish and years ago, he set out to create his very own that could give him the right amount of light in just the right spot whenever he wanted it. Todd called it the “Chinatown Special”, and I only wish that he actually manufactured and sold them.

However, Todd posted a tutorial a while back on how to create them. Fair warning though: it’s a lot of work.

Beauty dishes are used to give a very fashiony look to a subject while giving soft, diffused light with a bit of an edgy. They’re fun to work with, and we played with a Roundflash’s take on the modifier recently.

His construction inspired by very own hack to make a speedlight work with a beauty dish. This is far easier, but involves using an actual beauty dish.

Todd’s video on how to create a DIY Beauty Dish is after the jump.

Chris Gampat

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