Lukas Gisbert-mora Spends 17 Mins Explaining Why He Switched from Nikon to Fujifilm

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“I don’t work for DxOMark. I’m not interested in numbers. I’m interested in what comes out of the camera.”

Continuing the trend of photographers talking about why they switched, Fuji Rumors shared a video from Lukas Gisbert-mora on why he chose to leave Nikon for Fujifilm.

First he talks about the problems first: which have to do with the battery levels and the video capabilities. This is what happens with cameras that have an EVF, but Fujifilm has lacked on the video capabilities for a while. They’re also only starting to pick up speed.

Lukas also admits that Fujifilm’s flash capabilities are nowhere near Nikon’s. In our testing, we have to agree. PocketWizards with a Lumopro LP-180 are much better–but that offers manual capability. If you want TTL usage, there aren’t many good radio trigger options with the exception of Yongnuo–and they’re hit or miss.

So why did he pick Fujifilm?

For starters, Lukas states that Fujifilm’s autofocus is pretty good. He believes that keeping it in single focusing mode vs continuous is much better. He claims to have done this with fast moving children with the 56mm f1.2. He even goes to say that Fujifilm’s XT-1 is better for wedding work than the Nikon D3s (which is really no slouch).

Besides that, he talks about the ergonomics–and loves the tilting screen. In fact, he makes it akin to working with medium format, which is what many wedding photographers did for years.

Check out the video for more. But overall, he’s very happy with what Fujifilm has come up with.

Chris Gampat

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