DIY: Fix a Dim Rangefinder Patch With a Gel

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All photos by Jason Cheung. Used with permission.

If you’re using an older analog camera of some sort or just have a dim rangefinder in one of your cameras, photographer Jason Cheung created a workaround that seems pretty nifty. It involves a bit of thinking in a different way–while most photographers will instead try to brighten the focusing patch, not many think about dimming the rest of the viewfinder to make the patch stand out more. But that’s what Jason did–and he did it just enough for it to still be usable.

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According to Jason, what you need to do is cut a piece of a photography gel about the same size as the rangefinder viewing screen and place it over said screen. Mr. Cheung tells us that there doesn’t seem to be any danger of it falling into the camera, but that if someone is using a thinner material they should check to see if it slides around too much, and if so, they should add a very tiny bit of rubber cement under the frame, not the viewfinder glass!.

And the results?





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