5 Tips for Shooting Unforgettable Family Photos


Find out how to capture spontaneous moments for personality-filled family photos with these five pro tips. Plus, learn essential techniques for blur-free action shots, flattering bounce flash portraits and much more when you enroll in professional photographer Kirk Tuck’s online Craftsy class Family Photography: Candid Moments & Storytelling for just $39.99 now— that’s 50% off for Phoblographer readers!

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  1.     Take your time.


When dealing with any kind of group, and certainly ones with children, photos just take time. You have to deal with different personalities, needs and emotions. Family photography is going to take more time than adult portraits. You may have to take more shots than you normally do, give more directions than you normally do, and stay later than you typically would.

  1.     Be prepared for anything.

Kids do the funniest things when you least expect it. To nail that one-in-a-million awesome shot you have to be prepared for anything. Have your camera in hand and finger on the shutter to catch them in that perfect moment.


  1.     Coordinate with parents on eating and sleeping times.

The light may be best at 4pm in your part of the world, but if the family has hungry or tired children at that time of day, no magic light will save your photos. Coordinate with the parents to find out the best time of day for the kids—when they are typically the most awake and content. Use this information to plan the session.

  1.     Do something fun.

Kids don’t like to sit still for family photos. They might do it for 15 or 20 seconds and then they want to move on to the next thing. If you can do a fun activity or make the portrait session into a game, the kids may be more likely to give you smiling faces. Plan to do the session at a playground or at the zoo, somewhere fun that will hold the attention of the children.

  1.     Bring snacks.

Hungry families are like hungry photographers. They don’t give their best. Make sure there are snacks to eat during this longer than normal session. Bonus points: Make it a fun snack like animal crackers.

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What are some of your favorite tricks for taking family photos?

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