Micro Four Thirds/Four Thirds Users Just Got a New Flash from Nissin


Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds users don’t seem to get too much love when it comes to strobist items–and so they’re forced to shoot with manual flashes. But now they have the new Nissin i40 flash that was introduced back in February–and is being billed towards Four Thirds users. However, Four Thirds flashes work on Micro Four Thirds cameras too with no issues.

They’re touting this flash as being pocket-sized at under 3 1/2″ high and under 3 ounces. Additionally, it also has nine stops of output power–which mean that it doesn’t go in thirds of stops like most TTL flashes. But it has loads of other features like wireless flash capabilities, HSS at up to 1/8000, and overall retails for $269 when it becomes available.

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Chris Gampat

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