Sony Reported to Be Launching a Medium Format Camera at Photokina 2014

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As if the Sony A7r wasn’t enough of a high resolution megapixel beast of a camera, Sony Alpha Rumors is stating that a high megapixel medium format camera may be coming this year at Photokina 2014. They’re saying that it could be a mirrorless camera; which could then in turn be a totally brand new medium format system. The site is also saying that it could be a mirrorless camera. This would make it something close to the very highly prized Mamiya 7II.

On the other hand though, Minolta (a company bought out by Sony) used to make TLRs and Sony could disrupt the industry by making something that resembles a TLR. According to Japan Camera Hunter, the Mamiya Autocord was a fairly popular option.

But let’s think about this: Sony embracing something so amazingly vintage? That sounds a bit tough to believe. They put an aperture ring on the RX1 and the A7/A7r/A7s have a very SLR style camera body. But for the most part the company is very much about embracing future tech.

On the other hand they sure do like being game changers–and a medium format TLR style camera with no prism could be an interesting addition.

Chris Gampat

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