Fujifilm Neopan 400 PRESTO and Fujicolor PRO 400 Have Been Discontinued


As time progresses, it appears to become a worse and worse time for film lovers and users. Photo Rumors is reporting that Fujifilm Japan announced the discontinuation of Neopan 400 PRESTO in the 35mm format and Fujicolor 400 Pro in 120. The last bits of the film should be shipped around the middle of the year, which means that American retailers like B&H Photo and FotoCare are likely to stock up on the emulsions.

So what’s going to replace these two? Fujifilm is recommending ACROS 100 to replace Neopan and Pro 400H to replace the Pro film. And while these films may be missed by many, they don’t have the same impact that Velvia does on the photo world despite some discontinuations of that as well.

We’ve seen tons of film discontinued from Fujifilm in a relatively short amount of time:

10/2012: Reala 100 120

– 4/2013: We saw a limited supply of 4×5 100C then it was gone a little under a year after

7/2013: Reala 100 and Superia 400 then Neopan 400 and Provia 400x

11/2013: 3×4 Instant FB-3000B

Chris Gampat

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