Canon USA : The EOS M2 is not Coming to America At This Time

Canon EOS M2Editor’s Note: Canon USA got in touch with us and told us that the EOS M2 isn’t going to be headed to US at this time, not that it isn’t coming here. We apologize for the inaccuracy.

The EOS M2 could have been the mirrorless camera system Canon users have been waiting for all this time. Too bad it won’t be coming to America. Imagining Resource got the official word from Canon USA stating it does not have any plans to sell the EOS M2 within the United States at this time.

Things might change in the future but this new statement confirms an earlier report that the camera could be a Japan-only exclusive. Given the low adoption rate of the EOS M due to practically no marketing and poor autofocus when initially launched, it’s not a surprise Canon would be skeptical about bring another compact camera system stateside. Especially since its original mirrorless camera is still being sold with major discounts.

We may have to wait until the Canon EOS M3 – which will hopefully be a more significant change up compared to the quicker AF and Wi-Fi upgrades that came to EOS M2 – before we see another mirrorless system from the Japanese company.

Via Canon Rumors

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Brooklyn.