The Canon EOS M2 MIGHT Not Be Coming to the US

Canon EOS M2

Recently, Canon announced their EOS M2 camera; but made it a Japan exclusive. Quite literally, lots of folks in the press (and many of us were chatting about this yesterday here in NYC) were wondering why it hasn’t been announced in the US yet.

Canon Rumors is stating that after contacting Canon USA, the company has no plans on bringing it US of A. Quite literally, they were told that there are no plans to bring it in. After we read about the announcement, we contacted Canon as well but we were told, “At this time, we have no plans to announce in the U.S.

Canon EOS M2

All of the messages seem very synchronized; but it could mean that the camera might be coming at another point in time. Engadget believes that we might see it at CES, but we haven’t heard anything hinting at that announcement yet. Additionally, Canon usually updates their point and shoot line at CES. It’s very rare for us to see an ILC of some sort unless they plan on putting out a new Rebel.

At the moment, the EOS M has a very steep discount as it did previously this year. While the company has updated its autofocus system in the camera, it still very much feels like the bastard child of the mirrorless camera world. With Canon and Nikon dominating in DSLR sales (and lots of people not knowing jack about how good mirrorless cameras actually are) the DSLR moniker will still be the more profitable route for the company accompanied with the least expenses.

Nikon’s 1 series cameras, on the other hand, sell like hot cakes because of the marketing behind them and the fact that they are directly aimed at the point and shoot crowd.

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