Canon Patents an 11-24mm f4 Lens for Full Frame Sensors


Canon Watch was able to spot Egami’s posting on a newly patented lens by Canon. The company is in the midst of designing an 11-24mm f4–which seems like both an attempt to get into the market share of Nikon’s 14-24mm f2.8 and a slight overlap with their 8-15mm f4 L fisheye lens. They filed the patent back in 2012.

The fact that this is designed for full frame sensors is also quite an interesting fact. On the 8-15mm f4 (reviewed here), the lens started to fully cover the sensor area at around 11mm. Which could potentially mean that the super wide angle field of view might possibly also cover the same field of view.

But surely, there will be both Canon users and trolls watching the system saying that this is only an f4 lens.

Chris Gampat

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