National Geographic Photographer Shares the Secret to His Amazing Work

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Photographer William Albert Allard has been shooting for National Geographic for about 50 years now, giving the readers fantastic imagery with his work that’s mostly centered on the wild American West. Allard, who began his career in NatGeo as a lowly intern, has now shot over 40 stories for the publication and has taken many photographs of people and sweeping landscapes throughout the world that have since become iconic to many.

Allard recently shared the secret to success his amazing work in an inspirational video for PROOF, an ongoing blog that features video shorts of Nat Geo photographers sharing their adventures, talking about their work experiences, and giving words of photographic wisdom as part of the magazine’s 125th anniversary celebrations.

In the video, Allard reveals that working for the famed publication is not as easy and glamorous as it looks to outsiders.

“It’s not a normal life. Everybody thinks, oh it’s just the perfect job… On one side of the corner, it looks very shiny and attractive but when you turn it over, there’s a lot of stuff underneath that you deal with.”

He says that the passion for the work, which has to come from inside you, is “an absolute necessity.” According to the seasoned photographer, the secret to taking beautiful photographs, while not easily done, is simple – the only way one can do “superior work” is to care.

See his two-minute video short, in which he also talks about needing to be in the middle of his stories, responding to the  moments that come to him, and serendipity, after the jump.

Via PetaPixel

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