Expand Your Mobile Photography with Moment, a Lens Collection for iOS and Galaxy S Devices

julius motal the phoblographer moment kickstarter image 01

Moment is a new Kickstarter campaign that aims to improve the mobile photography space. Currently, Moment comprises two lenses: Moment Wide and Moment Tele. As their names suggest, wide is for wide angle and tele is for telephoto. In order to mount the lenses on your iPhone, you attach a metal plate that sits around the camera and twist the lens into place. Galaxy and iPad mounts are still in the prototype stage, but the folks behind the campaign plan to have the mounts ready when they start fulfilling orders.

On the spec sheet for iPhone 5S, the Wide has an 18mm focal length, and the Tele has a 58mm focal length. For the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Wide has a 19mm focal length, and the Tele has a 62mm focal length. These measurements are 35mm equivalents. When all’s ready to go, Moment lenses will be available for: iPhone 4S, 5, 5S and 5C; iPad 2, 3rd gen and 4th gen; Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 and S4.

The campaign just launched, and it’s already amassed over $43,000. If the trend continues, it’ll blow way past its goal. Moment isn’t the first of its kind for mobile devices, but it looks to be among the best in a long while. With Moment, iPhone, iPad and Galaxy S owners will have a stronger reason to reach for their devices in order to make a photograph.

Head over to the Moment page on Kickstarter to check it out.