EXCLUSIVE! First Impressions: Leica X10

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer CES 2014 Leica X10 (1 of 1)ISO 16001-40 sec at f - 4.0

CES 2014 is turning out to be quite busy for us. But in between the conferences and meetings, we got to stop and take a breather to see something really cool. This is Leica’s new X10 camera. It features a 12MP 2/3″ X-Trans sensor, 28-112mm equivalent f2-2.8 Fujinon lens, an optical viewfinder, die cast magnesium alloy body, and a lot more.

Psych! It’s actually a Fujifilm X10 with a Leica badge on it that a “perfect fair maiden” journalist had with her. I had to say that. It’s the only way that she would allow me to publish this. And it’s too funny to pass off.

On a more serious note, serious posts are coming from us soon. So be on the lookout.

Chris Gampat

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