Lexar Updates Its CompactFlash and Flash Drive Lines

julius motal the phoblographer lexar cf flash ces image 01

In addition to its CFast line of CF cards, Lexar’s announced updates to its CompactFlash and Flash Drive lines. Pictured above is the 800x 512GB CF card, the first of its kind, with read/transfer speeds up to 120MB/sec and write speeds up to 75MB/sec. There’s an 800x 256GB CF card, too, that offers the same read/transfer and write speeds as the 512GB variant. Both are expected to be released in the first quarter of 2014 for $1,499.99 for the larger card and $649.99 for the smaller card.

On a slightly faster scale, there’s a 1066x 256GB CF card that offers read/transfer speeds up to 160MB/sec and write speeds up to 155MB/sec. This will also be available in the first quarter of 2014 for $969.99. Both the 800x and 1066x cards will come with Image Rescue software to prevent any heart attacks when you’ve accidentally deleted crucial files.

On the Flash Drive side, Lexar’s JumpDrive P10, JumpDrive S33 and JumpDrive S23 will soon come in 128GB capacity. The JumpDrive S73 is getting a larger update to 256GB.