Pretty Little Liars Star Ashley Benson Speaks Out About Photoshopped Image

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It seems these days that lots of actresses are speaking out about Photoshop–with Dove being a major one. Recently on Instagram, Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson spoke out against it. She states that she saw an image of her and her co-stars floating around and voiced her opinion against it. In her eyes, she thinks that they all look four years younger–adding in that there is too much photoshopping. With this in mind, we’re not sure if Ashley realizes that the target audience of this show partially watches it because of their relatable age–so if they stay younger  looking that could also potentially mean that they’ll keep their viewers.

Though Photoshopping a person for the purpose of advertising makes sense from a sales and promotional point of view, sometimes it can surely get excessive. Maybelline, for example, had to pull an entire ad campaign for giving a woman cat eyes.

In general though, I think that culture and the media is getting this all wrong. Photoshopping refers to manipulating an image. What Benson is really complaining about is excessive retouching–and I hope that she really does understand this. The reason why she looks so young is because of some serious use of masques, gaussian blur, some cloning, and maybe even some perspective warping. On top of this though, a star of Ashley’s caliber will be going through lots of makeup and wardrobe because they’re essentially working for a brand that is therefore owned by a larger company.

And that company wants to sell advertising space to viewers.

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