Dove Releases Photoshop Action That Undoes Retouching Work


Dove has pushed their real beauty campaign really hard as of recent, and it has now reached the Photoshopping stage. The company has now announced that they are responsible for posting a beautify action on Reddit that is supposed to make a person’s skin glow. However, what they’re saying it now actually does is undo the effects of retouching. Funny enough, the user also already deleted their account–and it goes to show the company’s social media team applying total disregard to understand how the social sharing site works as they didn’t even care to cross-post it to /R/Photography, the largest of the photography-related subreddits (one of which I’m an admin for.)

Editor’s Clarification: I’m not the admin of the /R/Photography Sub-Reddit. Rather, there are many sub-reddits based on photography as a subject itself. I’m an admin for one of those channels.

For those not familiar with the campaign, Real Beauty focuses on accepting women the way they are and look and often shows ads of said real women. They’re not the only ones against retouching though–Israel now bans ads showing underweight models and that also contains a clause saying that advertisers must clearly state that an image has been retouched.

This begs the question of what many women who want their images retouched (such as brides at weddings, models, actresses, and others) have to say about the action. Sure, it is more a social issue at hand–but to each their own as well.

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