These Documentary Style Portraits Were Shot with a Lensbaby Composer Pro and Sweet 35


Lensbabies when used correctly can create some really beautiful images. Using their tilt-shift effect that is natural to their design, many photographers also know that they’re not simple to use and take dedication. Gretchen Robinette, a photographer local to Brooklyn, NY has released a couple of very cool images shot with the Lensbaby Composer Pro Double Optic with Sweet 35, and Canon 5D Mk II. It goes to show that in the hands of the right creative, they can do much more than just shoot landscapes.

Check out more of her photos and what Gretchen had to say about using the items  after the jump. This is much different than her other portraiture. Also check out her website.



“I had planned on shooting candid portraits with the lensbaby lenses in the same way I do with my canon lenses (16-35mm f2.8 and 24-70mm f2.8 are my favorites) but I found it quite difficult to be a “fly on the wall” when the selective focus spot needs to be predetermined and very specific. After lots of practice, adjusting the focus spot became more intuitive and accurate. Trying to keep a face sharp that moves out of the focus spot was a challenge, but gradually I started to like how the lens could blur out a really messy, chaotic environment and draw your eyes to a persons face, or just a hand. The Lensbabys are more trial and error, but with really unique effects. On a portrait shoot, I like the Lensbabys in addition to my L series lenses, not as a complete replacement. One thing is true, the lensbaby look cannot be replicated on Instagram ! I tried. I’m really excited to shoot video with the lens babys, it’s a look you can’t create in post either”.

yelena-1 liz-5 liz-2 _MG_6616 _MG_7425 liz-1

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