Sigma Issues Statement on the Nikon Df Not Playing Nicely With Their Lenses


As camera technology and autofocus technology advances, companies sometimes need to adapt to work with one another. Traditionally, third party lenses sometimes have trouble with focusing but this issue has largely disappeared in the past three years. With the release of some of Nikon’s newest cameras though, problems seem to be rearing their ugly heads. According to a statement put out by Sigma recently, their lenses are having focusing trouble with the Nikon Df. On top of that, the stabilization isn’t always working either.

In response, the company is offering a free firmware update to solve the issue. Specifically, it seems to be occurring with certain products. No word has come through yet on whether future updates might be available via the USB Dock or not.

The full details from Sigma are after the jump. Be sure to also check out our Sigma Prime Lens Guide while you’re at it.

Via DPReview

Thank you very much for purchasing and using Sigma products.

We have found that the current firmware of our Nikon fitting interchangeable lenses may not work properly with the Nikon Df camera’s OS and Auto Focus functions.

This is similar to the phenomena described in “Information Regarding the Nikon D5300 Cameras” that we have announced on November 19th.

However, for the Nikon Df cameras, it includes those lenses that do not have an internal AF motor, and the following products will require a firmware update.

For those customers who use Sigma lenses in Nikon mount with the Nikon Df camera, we are going to provide a free firmware update.

Please note that all the products we dispatch from the factory will have the latest firmware.


Without the latest firmware, the OS and Auto Focus functions do not work properly when it is used with the Nikon Df.

Concerned Products

Nikon fitting interchangeable lenses not yet updated for the Nikon D5300 camera.
* It includes the following lenses that do not have an internal AF motor:

  3. 20mm F1.8 EX DG ASPHERICAL RF
  6. MACRO 50mm F2.8 EX DG
  7. MACRO 70mm F2.8 EX DG

* For some discontinued products, we may not be able to offer the firmware update due to the discontinuation of related repair parts. Please contact your nearest authorized Sigma distributor for further details.
* Please refer to the link below for further information on the firmware update for the Nikon D5300.


For those customers in need of the latest firmware, we are going to provide free firmware update from December 4th. For discontinued products, please contact your nearest authorized Sigma distributor for the further details.

For lenses that are compatible with the SIGMA USB DOCK, it is possible to update them via SIGMA Optimization Pro.

For detailed information on the SIGMA USB DOCK, please find it from the below link;

For the detailed information on the SIGMA Optimization Pro, please find it from the below link;

Local Service Center

You can contact your nearest authorized Sigma distributor for the firmware update. Details of your nearest authorized Sigma distributor can be found on the following web page.

Compatibility Sticker

We are going to put the sticker to all Nikon fitting lenses that we will dispatch from the factory from now on.

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