Sigma Issues Statement on the Nikon Df Not Playing Nicely With Their Lenses


As camera technology and autofocus technology advances, companies sometimes need to adapt to work with one another. Traditionally, third party lenses sometimes have trouble with focusing but this issue has largely disappeared in the past three years. With the release of some of Nikon’s newest cameras though, problems seem to be rearing their ugly heads. According to a statement put out by Sigma recently, their lenses are having focusing trouble with the Nikon Df. On top of that, the stabilization isn’t always working either.

In response, the company is offering a free firmware update to solve the issue. Specifically, it seems to be occurring with certain products. No word has come through yet on whether future updates might be available via the USB Dock or not.

The full details from Sigma are after the jump. Be sure to also check out our Sigma Prime Lens Guide while you’re at it.

Via DPReview

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