Zeiss is Working on Sony Full Frame E Mount Lenses


Zeiss has already developed some of its Touit Lenses for the NEX system, but those are designed for APS-C sensor. According to Sony Alpha Rumors, the company stated that they are working on new manual focus lenses for the full frame cameras. Now, what this could mean is that they’re essentially going to take their current lineup of lenses and adapt them with a full frame E mount. However, it could also mean that brand new lenses may be coming. As it is, we really liked the performance of the 55mm f1.4 Otus on the A7r.

Zeiss currently has lots of lenses in their lineup–many of which we have reviewed. When it came to producing their cinema line of lenses, the company mostly took their current lineup and ergonomically adapted them; though some of the lenses have changes. In terms of the way a company is run, it would make the most economic sense for Zeiss to simply adapt the lenses to Sony full frame E mount. The lenses that the company designs for Canon EF and Nikon F mounts have a couple of subtle design differences as the Nikon lenses have a working aperture ring. The new Sony full frame lenses, however, could effectively expand the lineup of options that the Sony full frame E mount system will have when combined with everything that Samyang/Rokinon offer. But these lenses won’t have weather sealing like the Zeiss branded Sony offerings.

We’re totally not sure what this could mean and this is us just theorizing, but we can expect to see them next year around Photokina. The Otus lens might be an excellent option for the also rumored 54MP full frame sensor that Sony is working on. At the moment though, we’re testing the A7 and A7r; and the A7r produces some huge files that is filling up our hard drives quite fast.

Chris Gampat

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