Review: Case Logic SLR Camera Backpack

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If photography is your hobby or passion, chances are that you will inadvertently start another one as well: collecting camera bags. Some are multitasks, some are overkill. Then there are the ones that are pure camera bags: simple and clean. That’s what the SLR Camera Backpack from Case Logic is. You might think, “Why do I need a bag like this?”

Over the course of my review period with the bag, I found a few reasons a bag like this is needed.

Pros and Cons


  • Light
  • Easy set up
  • Easy access to the camera


  • The bag cannot stand on its own
  • Bottom of the bag could be stronger/made of tougher material
  • Tripod pocket seems like it was meant for something else.

Gear Used

Caes Logic SLR Camera Backpack 20131004Gservo-0042

The SLR Camera Backpack from Case Logic was loaded with my Nikon D700 with a Nikkor 35-70mm F2.8 Attached, a Nikon D5100 as well as a Nikon FM. I also used a non AI Nikkor 80-200, Nikon 50mm f1.8D and a Nikon 85mm f1.8D. At times I carried my Nikon 24mm f1.8D. Most times I carried my 3LeggedThing Brian as well. I had a flash, cleaning supplies and my iPad in there, too.


20131007Gservo-0015 - Copy

The bag has two clips that only allow  you to open the bag but so far. This enables you to get your camera quickly. When walking you take a second, stop, swing your bag around and get your camera out or put it in the bag, and keep moving.

20131007Gservo-0021 - Copy

The clips are strong and can take a little weight. You can put your bag in a car or on a rack on mass transit and not worry about them taking punishment.

20131007Gservo-0020 - Copy

The zippers are strong and durable. They can take a beating. The stitching around the zippers are made well also. The bag will last a while.

20131007Gservo-0022 - Copy

This little pouch on the side of the bag can hold things like lens caps and cleaning supplies.

20131007Gservo-0026 - Copy

The front of the bag can hold your paper work and batteries and extra little stuff with no problem. It’s easily accessible. It’s not there to hold your lunch or anything, just photography gear.

20131007Gservo-0029 - Copy

A small laptop or and tablet fits nicely into the bag. It slides in and out nicely.


The bag is layered . One section on top of another. Each section is sized for it purpose, and holds up well.


The tripod loop is skinny but does the job. We’re positive that you can find other uses for this section too.


The rain cover pouch adds a little bump to the back of the bag, allowing your back to breathe. It’s also an extra pocket to be used for storage.

Caes Logic SLR Camera Backpack 20131007Gservo-9477-2

The rain cover works well. It also dries quickly. Which comes in handy when having to move in and out of places.


The handle is sturdy and comfortable for those times you have to hold the bag. It fits comfortably in the hand.

Build Quality

Caes Logic SLR Camera Backpack 20131007Gservo-0043

The Case Logic SLR Camera Backpack is decently built. It is not the best in the world but it is far from the worst. I did not want to put the back pack down in a damp environment because I was afraid the bottom would get wet. But on the train and in and out of cars, it held up well.

In Use

Caes Logic SLR Camera Backpack 20131004Gservo-9115
I took the SLR Camera bag with me on some photo gigs, New York Comi Con, and a party. It was comfortable at all times. At times I did find myself wanting more room. However, that because I am used to insanely long multipurpose days. For pure photography excursions, this bag worked really well. The straps were easily adjustable. I did not really have to fiddle with a lot of things to get to my gear


SLR Camera Backpack Case Logic DSC_0045

This is a simple yet extremely useful camera bag. I liked it and my wife liked it as well. It’s just the right size for a simple day of photography. It works well at events like New York Comic Con and it’s great on photowalks, too. You can carry enough gear to have an effective day of photography without breaking your back. The bag has good value and is worth your consideration.

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