Could This Be One Of Sony’s New Full Frame NEX Cameras?


Editor’s Correction: This is a reader-made mock-up

We’ve been hearing rumors about this for a while and also reading into hints of it coming. Sony Alpha Rumors believes that the photo above is one of two full frame sensor NEX cameras that may be coming to us soon. The site is saying that the cameras will be called the A7 and A7r. They continue to state that, “Both have exactly the same design (with NEX-7 grip, EVF in the middle and RX1 size). The difference is in the sensor. The A7 has 24MP sensor, more fps and different AF speed. The A7r has a 36MP sensor and less fps (and I have been told a bit “different” AF).

Based on Sony’s naming conventions, this doesn’t sound right at all. When they released the RX1R, it was essentially the same camera as the RX1 but with no low pass filter. Perhaps, Sony is doing the whole Nikon D800/D800E approach?

We have yet to hear more about the full frame mirrorless lens patents; but with Photo Plus coming in just a couple of weeks, the rumors of the camera launching in October may be true.

Chris Gampat

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