These New Leather Accessories Make Your Olympus E-P5 Look Even More Retro

Olympus E-P5 Premium Leather Series

When you own a retro camera such as the Olympus PEN E-P5, you also need the fitting retro accessories, that’s a given. And the guys from Olympus know that, so they announced their own exclusive series of leather accessories for the E-P5. The series comprises a very sexy bag, an elegant strap and a sleek half case. In combination, these items will take you straight back to the sixties. And just imagine everyone’s looks when you turn up in the year 1969 sporting a digital camera …

The CBG-9 bag, CSS-S117L strap and CS-41B half case have so far only been announced for Europe and Asia, and will retail for GBP 349.99 (bag), 129.99 (half case) and 89.99 (strap) respectively in the UK–that’s US-$ 538, 200 and 138 respectively at current exchange rates. We have no info on an official US release date yet.

Via ePhotoZine