After the Very Colorful Di700, Nissin Introduces the Di600 Mid-Range Flashgun

Nissin Di600 Flash

Earlier this year, Nissin presented the very colorful and rather simplified Di700 flashgun, which sported little more than a huge color LCD and some basic buttons and dials. Now the company introduces an even more stripped-down unit, called the Di600, which is just as colorful but features even less buttons. The Di600 features nothing more than EV adjustment buttons and a test button on its back (which appears to be virtually identical to that of the Di622 Mk II), which on the upisde means it offers basic functionality even without TTL. Its zoom range goes from 24 to 105 mm (Canon, anyone?), with a maximum guide number of 44 at 105 mm and ISO 100. The head is tiltable and rotatable by 90 degrees, and the Di600 conveniently runs on two pairs of AA batteries. It can also be used as a slave unit, and its operating modes include E-TTL, E-TTL II, i-TTL and P-TTL.

According to the German website, the Di600 is available for Canon and Nikon now, and will come for Sony in September. The retail price in Germany is € 159, which at current exchange rates translates to US-$ 211. It’s probably safe to assume, though, that the actual retail price will be a bit lower once it hits US markets.