Magic Lantern Improves the Canon 5D Mk III and 7D RAW Video Functionality to 14 Stops of Dynamic Range

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According to a brand new report on Planet5D, the Magic Lantern team has improved the dynamic range of the RAW video functionality from the Canon 5D Mk III and 7D to 14 stops. To catch everyone up to speed, the team originally found a CineDNG raw video output in the Live View functions of the camera. However, their next challenge was to find a way to record it and then record it to the point of capturing something that would make sense for filmmakers. They found a way to do so, and in the process turned Canon’s DSLRs into some of the greatest video capturing devices out there for the money.

Planet 5D is stating that it gives you, “…approximately 3 additional stops of dynamic range by using a new way of taking a photo by using ISO 100 for some of the vertical lines of the shot and ISO 1600 for the rest of it. He’s (the creator of the hack) also sharing his initial thoughts on how to re-combine the lines of 100/1600 to give you the full resolution of your image back!”

This might be one of the best times to pick up a 5D Mk III or a 7D. If you combine the latter with Sigma’s new 18-35mm f1.8 lens, it’s a bang for your buck deal.

Via Planet 5D

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