Fujifilm Starts Lens Production in New Philippines Facility

Fujifilm Philippines Facility

Fujifilm today announced via their global site that lens production in their recently-erected Philippines facility has just commenced. At the new facility, where high-performance lenses for digital cameras, projectors and surveillance are made, Fujifilm aims to extend its workforce to 600 and the production to 18 million lenses a year by 2015. The way Fuji’s X-system is selling, they’re going to need that output. Fujifilm is already manufacturing X-system products outside of Japan, namely in Thailand and China, according to Fuji Rumors. Considering the country’s weakened economy, might we be seeing a general trend here that “made in Japan” products aren’t so much made in Japan anymore these days? Not that that really matters as long as the quality is kept up (or is even further improved), but it’s still interesting to observe.