Voigtlander Discontinues Its Bessa A Series Rangefinders


Photographers that still want to get into rangefinder film photography and want a brand new camera in M Mount may have to look towards Leica. Last year, Zeiss discontinued their Ikon series, and we just found a scoop that Voigtlander discontinued their Bessa A series rangefinders last month. This tip came from the FilmWasters forum–who further claims that Voigtlander makes this statement on their website. Upon checking out the website, the news indeed holds true.

While checking B&H Photo’s website, we see some conflicting information–but that could just mean that the retailer needs to update their page.

So what’s so great about these rangefinders? Well, they had bright viewfinders, were the most affordable way to use M Mount lenses, and were built like tanks in addition to being reliable. Don’t want a brand new one? Then spring for one on eBay.

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Chris Gampat

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