Confirmed: Cosina to Discontinue Zeiss Ikon Camera Bodies

Picture courtesy of Carl Zeiss AG

And another icon of film photography says goodbye. After recently announcing discontinuance of the SW and silver versions of the Zeiss Ikon 35mm rangefinder film camera, Cosina now allegedly discontinued also the black Zeiss Ikon body. At least that’s what Zeiss Rumors reports, quoting this tweet of a Japanese camera retailer. Cosina has thus far not posted an official disctontinuance note. However, a user reports that the company confirmed the discontinuance of all Zeiss Ikon camera bodies via telephone.

The silver version of the Zeiss Ikon had already been discontinued earlier this year, as well as the viewfinderless SW body. The Zeiss Ikon M-mount rangefinder was introduced in 2006 as an alternative to Leica’s M bodies, and sported an aperture priority exposure system with shutter speeds up to 1/2000 sec. The camera was renowned for its build quality and exceptionally bright viewfinder, and was fully compatible with all M-mount lenses.

Zeiss Ikon camera bodies are still available at B&H Photo.

We are contacting Zeiss to find out more.

Editor’s Note: Confirmed, in a quick call to our Zeiss rep, the company told us that they made an announcement to their dealers this week.