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Hey folks, we’ve made a lot of changes as of recent and we’re looking to grow our staff once again. Specifically, we’re looking for a news writer and a features writer, and you should be based in the USA. Details are below.

Please Note: Applications that do not follow the following criteria will not be accepted. Also, please check your spelling in your application. Please read through this all very carefully.

– One News Writer: Our news team is essentially our backbone. The Phoblographer’s News Editor is based in Germany with much of the support coming from the East Coast team. A West Coast Contributor would be ideal, but isn’t necessary. The news writer must have very good technical knowledge.

– One Feature Writer: These folks will be scouring the web with us as we find cool new features, and awesome stuff in the photography culture world. It could involve interviews as well. Our Features Editor is based on the West Coast. Abram and I coordinate with the Features Team to figure out coverage. The features writer must have excellent knowledge of the art world or technical knowledge.

The ideal candidates will:

– Possess the ability to write well. While most articles go through my eyes and the Copy Editor’s, it makes it a lot easier on us to have polished writing and know what you’re talking about.

– Photography knowledge: if you’re just starting out, please do not apply.

– Be able to contribute at a steady pace. If you’re familiar with the site, you know that we’ve increased our output significantly.

– Be able to review gear, write features and news, and write posting that teach new things to our readers. General knowledge of the photo industry and tech world is a major plus. Everyone on the staff is expected to contribute to the reviews and it’s usually an extremely fun process that lets you build your own creative eye.

– Be super friendly: which is something that we’ve prided ourselves on here since Day 1. Many former writers still remain to be buddies of ours.

– Know how to use WordPress (extremely important!). Please don’t think about applying if you don’t have WordPress knowledge.

– Meet deadlines well

– Communicate with myself and the rest of the staff quickly. We have loads and loads of emails that go back and forth.

– Being able to answer, “Who, what, when, where, how, and why?” in every single paragraph written in the story.

Now here are the pluses that give you an edge:

– If you’re a current B&H, Adorama, eBay, Borrow Lenses, Google Adsense or Amazon affiliate, we will allow you to use your links in your posting here on The Phoblographer. In fact, we let anyone use any affiliate link program. This is how you’re paid. The Phoblographer works on a gamification system: the longer your links are on shown the more money you can potentially make. In the essence, the more you write, the more you can make. There are loads of other perks to being a member of the Phoblographer as well.

– If you’re located in NYC (or around it) you’ll be able to accompany myself and the site’s partners to meetings with vendors and you’ll get to bond closer with some of the staff members.

– If you’re familiar with The Phoblographer’s style of doing things (have been a long time reader and can figure out what makes us different than other places like DPReview) then you’ll have an even larger edge because you’ll meld in very easily.

– Familiarity with photo editing products is required, video editing is a MAJOR plus

If you think you’ve got what it takes: shoot me an email atchrisgampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com with a resume, a cover letter, one or two writing samples in the style of what we have done before on the site, and a portfolio link. In the subject line, please put: Application for The Phoblographer (Your name here: position applying for)

In the email, also please list the gear that you use.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.