The Spinpod Will Make Your iPhone’s Panoramas Suck Less


A new Kickstarter called the Spinpod is looking to not only step up your mobile photography, but also give make your phone experience even better. It is a little device that can help you take better panoramic photos, do motion time lapse videos with your phone, act as a stand, and can also be a dock for your iPhone or Android phone. Once your device is in place, you need to lock it using the thumb wheel–which then acts as a nifty on/off switch.

The stable panoramic mode will be of great use for people that love shooting them, and stability is important as we recently saw with our Galaxy S4 test.

They’re also demoing it for use with DSLRs and GoPros–which makes it even more of a handy device for enthusiasts. At the moment of writing this piece, they haven’t even reached half of their funding needs. But it would be really nice to see this device come to the real world.

Take a look at their promo video after the jump.

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