Ilford Takes Custom Orders for Ultra Large Format Film and Other Sizes

Eliot Dudik 8x20_1

Photo by Eliot Dudik

From Monday 13th May until Friday 28th June 2013, users of ultra large format film and other exotic film formats can order Ilford products that will be tailored to their specific needs. Besides sheet film in formats up to 20 x 24 inches, orders will be taken for products such as 70mm film, 122 and 127 format film and even 120 format backing paper for those who make their own film rolls. Film types available in custom sizes are FP4+,  HP5+ Ortho Plus and Delta 100. Since Ilford will only start to manufacture the products after all world-wide orders are in, there are no minimum order quantity constraints, making this attractive for both dealers as well as individual consumers.

For more information, please visit Ilford’s website. Ilford film can also be purchased from B&H Photo.