Four Great Gatsby Inspired Photo Shoots to Raise a Glass To


The Great Gatsby is one of the latest movie crazes this year, and part of it is all about the looks and styling–just like Mad Men. But there is a lot that goes into the creation of these scenes from the wardrobe to the actual vision and everything to the editing. We scoured the web to try to find some of the best photo shoots inspired by the movie.

And here’s what we found.

Alex Huff’s Gatsby Inspired Portrait


Image by Alex Huff

Alex Huff is the Copy Editor and Product Photographer for Borrow Lenses and also quite the photographer. She created Game of Thrones inspired portraits using a very interesting technique, and she recently shot a series of Great Gatsby inspired portraits. She did this process in order to get the poster effect. One of the biggest factors in this image though is the set design and the costume selection. Alex was able to perfectly put this all together and she made the bokeh in the background match perfectly to the entire color scheme.

You can check out a full tutorial on how she did it over at 500px’s blog.

Carla Ten Eyck’s Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding


Image by Carla Ten Eyck

We found this shoot from Carla Ten Eyck on Style Me Pretty, and she has to be given major props for not only choosing a stylist to nail the wardrobe and all perfectly, but also choosing the locations. The areas where this takes place not only reflects the vision currently shown in the movie, but also matches up to what F. Scott Fitzgerald created when he envisioned West Egg, NY. However, this was shot in Connecticut, which isn’t too far from New York.

Ashley Perez of Ashley Photographer’s Modern Gatsby Party


Image by Ashley Photographer

What would the Great Gatsby be without parties? Ashley Photographer was featured previously on Green Wedding Shoes, and she drew inspiration from the 1920’s looks: which seem to have flappers and all. She also incorporated elements from the original film from the 1970’s. But these elements obviously carry over, despite the noticeably more retro-modern look of the new movie.

Scroll through the images and take a closer look at some of the vintage couches that she probably had redone. All of them combine to create the makings of a beautiful shoot.

A.L. Carter’s Great Gatsby Fine Art Wedding Inspired Shoot


Image by A.L. Carter

We found this shoot via Love My Dress–shot by A.L. Carter, the shoot features lots of fine details that a wedding planner would totally love. The images themselves are rendered very subtly to mimic the look of film, which helps to add to the vintage 1920’s theme. Then consider some of the more interesting locations of the shoot: such as the interiors that were shot in such a way to make the scenes look extremely wide. Carter’s Fine Art background adds to the shoot by not only combining the vintage aesthetics but also the creative angles and positioning of the models.

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