If You Want a Nikon Mirrorless Camera Done Right You’ll Have to Do it Yourself

Sony Nikkormat

If your name is Brendan Taylor and your not a fan of Nikons current mirrorless cameras, what do you do? Well you make your own of course. According to the write up done by DIY Photography his original plan was to plan was to put the innards of a Sony NEX-5N into a classic Leica M3 but due to the fact that the surgery would leave both cameras mutilated forever he decided to use an old Nikon Nikkormat which he had already. So all of you Lecica fanboys can take a deep breath.

Cameras with this styling have been quite popular recently and Fujifilm has been filling that niche perfectly but the interest in this project proves that Nikon would benefit by releasing something similar.

So far it appears to have the sensor in place and he is adding a EVF to the 5N which appears to line up perfectly with the existing NIkon viewfinder port. The camera is still in progress but it can be followed by viewing his G+ photo album here.