Get Rid of All Your Dust Problems with a Blow from Firefly



When dust begins its attack on your camera’s sensor, you will have to pay the price in post-processing to take away every single black spot in your otherwise awesome images. Firefly wants to help you with that using their new generation battery powered air blower that shoots ionized air into your camera body to clean it out.

Simply install a 9-volt battery into the Firefly which allows it to produce both positive and negative charged air ions which will neutralize the static charge in your camera. Without static, the dust simply falls off. No charge. No dust. Happy photographer.


While there are many other ways to solve this problem, ranging from applying a chemical solution to wipe off the dust, brushing them away with an anti-static brush, or the standard air blower, all of them put your sensor at risk from scratching due to the unnecessary physical contact. Even the air blower can transfer contaminants inside of the air bulb since the air isn’t filtered. The Firefly is equipped with a 20 micron filter that ensures nothing but pure air gets inside your camera.

Blowing regular air into your camera only really shifts the dust somewhere else in the body instead of actually out. If you’re not sold on this idea yet, the Firefly also automatically turns off after 15 seconds, allowing you to clean your camera with just one hand. To get the whole Firefly package, it’ll cost you $130, but if you’ve been a victim of black spotted images before, this may just be a worthy investment.

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