Review: Irix 15mm f2.4 Blackstone (Nikon F Mount)

If you were to look at the lenses coming from Korea in the past couples of years, you’d be shocked; and that’s where the Irix 15mm f2.4 Blackstone lens is manufactured. We took a previous look at the company’s Blackstone lenses at Photo Plus last year and were very blown away by some of the features and innovation that Irix has been putting into the glass to make it different from many of the others out there. For starters, besides the metal build, there is text on the lens that can be illuminated to glow when a blacklight is shone on it. Then there’s the fact that the lens clicks into place when the focusing hits infinity. While these features sound infinitesimal, they’re important to the manual focus shooter when it comes to working with a precise manual focus optic in various lighting scenarios.

Then you consider other features such as weather sealing, the image quality, and the feeling of the lens in your hand–and then it just gets put over the top in many ways.

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Get Rid of All Your Dust Problems with a Blow from Firefly



When dust begins its attack on your camera’s sensor, you will have to pay the price in post-processing to take away every single black spot in your otherwise awesome images. Firefly wants to help you with that using their new generation battery powered air blower that shoots ionized air into your camera body to clean it out.

Simply install a 9-volt battery into the Firefly which allows it to produce both positive and negative charged air ions which will neutralize the static charge in your camera. Without static, the dust simply falls off. No charge. No dust. Happy photographer.


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