These Aren’t The Sony Firmware Updates You’re Looking For

Sony 10-18mm F/4 Review

I have heard from friends and read online about a long awaited firmware update for their beloved Sony Cameras. Unless you have been waiting day after day for additional lens support this is sadly not the firmware update you have been looking for. I have personally written an article about the lenses supported with the dual AF systems in the A99 and NEX cameras and this will make a lot of people feel reassured that Sony is there to support them. Lets get into detail about what cameras support what lenses and what lenses now work on what cameras.

Lets start with the new lenses that will be supported on the A99 and its dual AF system:

  • SAL24F20Z
  • SAL85F14Z
  • SAL135F18Z
  • SAL70300G
  • SAL70200G
  • SAL35F14G
  • SAL1635Z
  • SAL100M28
  • SAL50M28
  • SAL85F28
  • SAL300F28

Now onto the lenses that will now support automatic compensation for the A37/A57/A65/A77 and the A99:

  • SAL100M28
  • SAL50M28
  • SAL85F28
  • SAL18200
  • SAL20F28
  • SAL28F28

The dual AF system in the NEX-5R and NEX-6 will not support the following lenses:

  • SEL1018
  • SEL35F18
  • SELP18200
  • SEL30M35
  • SEL50F18
  • SEL18200LE

A firmware update will be available for the NEX-7,5N and the F3 to support the new SELP16-50mm power zoom lens.

Now there are also a few firmware updates for lenses and they are for the SEL30M35, SEL50F18 and the SEL18200LE. The last lens will actually require you to send the 18-200 to Sony for its firmware update.
Now I am happy to hear that the 10-18mm e-mount lens got its firmware update but a bit sad that it didn’t come just a bit sooner so that I could have tested it during my recent review. I know that people have been waiting (hoping) for additional features, speed improvements and bug fixes but it seems like today is not your day.
These firmware updates will be available for your downloading pleasure on the 4th or 5th of February.

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