Google Chrome Adds Applet for You to See the Histogram of a Photo

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 9.47.46 AM

Despite the fact that most readers of this site come in via tablets and Safari, you might want to consider using Chrome on your computer. IF you’re a metadata enthusiast (notice how I said enthusiast and not full on nerd) then Chrome’s new extension to let you view the histogram of an image might be tempting. Once installed, all that you have to do is right click the image and click on, “Toggle Histogram.” Then after looking at all those photos of Ansel Adams, you can finally say that you can shoot photos with more even histograms and even more data across the range.

Chrome users can download it here from their Web Store. Then head over to DPReview and use it on all their images. But before you even start to do that, you should read up on histograms in our guide. We’ve got part 1 and 2 done, but not part 3 yet.

Via Reddit/r/photography

Chris Gampat

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